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InfoLine Information Manager - Custom Database Solution

Develop your own office / personal database!

InfoLine is a fully customizable desktop database application with an optimized, userfriendly interface designed for information management.

You can create your own source of information which is fully adapted to your special business workflows without any need for special knowledge or computer programming.

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Other Products

Blue Thermic Text / HTML Editor

Blue Thermic is a powerfull HTML editor offering a heighly userfriendly and easy to use interface both for web authoring and editing of text files. It is designed to open, edit and preview multiple documents in a fairly fast, reliable way.

Screenshot, click to enlarge Experience the comfort and power of File Browser   
File browser is your best assistant for browsing, scanning, previewing or opening document and image files on your computer.
Integrated image/document previewer for scanning. 
Saves your favorite folders to jump instantly.  
Shell commands to run major tasks eliminating the need of starting windows explorer. 

   Enhanced Syntax Highlighting   
Blue Thermic can now identify and color all language specific keywords of HTML and the most popular scripting languages: Perl, PHP, ASP and Javascript. You can now easily notice whenever you misspell a keyword. You have also now more options to customize colors to your liking.
   Enhanced HTML Toolbar   
The most popular HTML elements are classified into categories and assigned to buttons for easy access. You may even create a button set of the elements that you most frequently use.
   New Wizards   
In order to satisfy the users who sent feedbacks for BT, 5 new wizards to simplify HTML coding are included in this version: "Document Properties", "Meta Information", "Table Wizard", "Frame Wizard" and "Form Wizard".
   Compress and Autoformat Features   
You may compress web documents to reduce their sizes or autoformat them in order to get more clean and easily editable html code.
   Even More...   
User defined macros
Fully customizable keyboard shortcuts
Smart tips (fired on need)

Read more info or get the full list of features
See more screenshots
Click here to upgrade to version 1.6.5 

File Compare   v2.3 FREEWARE! 

File Compare is a utility program which can make either a binary (byte to byte) or text comparison between two appearently same files/folders. When checking multiple files existing in different folders, it shows you lists of both directories and runs a binary check if you wish. You may then easily determine which files are (recently) changed or whether they are the same version or not. Text comparison also gives you a report of differences between documents. No installation is required.  
Click here for more info and download

File Splitter   v1.2 FREEWARE! 

This small MSDOS utility program splits large files into custom number of pieces, which you can merge later to rebuild the original file. After splitting, you may easily fit the newly generated smaller files in to floppy disks or other media with limited capacity. Can run from a boot disket. No installation is required.  
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