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Blue Thermic HTML Editor   v1.6.7 FEATURES
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   General Editing   
Multipstep Undo: Saves up to 100 step Undo/Redo info with optimally adjusted steps
Advanced Find/Replace, extends replacement thru all open documents
Find/Replace for paragraphs. Drag and drop between dialog box and document
Auto Scroll: Scroll the document using arrow keys (simulates scroll mouse)
Macros: Save and easily reuse text pieces
Change Case command
Custom tab settings in 3 units (chars, inches, cms)
Fully Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts: Assign/adjust shortcuts to any command
Document statistics
Display of current line/column number on status bar
Auto indent

   HTML Editing   
HTML Guide shows you the list of applicable HTML elements at the cursor position
HTML Tag Coloring: Customizable coloring
Syntax Highlighting: Keyword coloring for HTML, PHP, ASP, Perl and Javascript
Enhanced HTML toolbar for popular HTML elements
Image link insertion by image drag and drop
Image browser/previewer with zoom feature
Compress Command: Reduce document size by removing spaces and CR's
Autoformat: Reformat any HTML code to get cleaner, easily edited code
Color selector and hex converter, can also read color code from selected text
Automatic display of document and image content sizes on status bar
HTML tag remover, pick up cleaned text content quickly

Internal HTML previewer/browser, no need to leave editing enviroment
Scripting Support: Internal previewer can run server side scripts like ASP,PHP etc..
Instant previewer selection: Internal browser, default browser or custom viewer
Sending active document to a user defined application
Save current link to bookmarks list

Document Properties: Visually adjust colors and background image
Meta Information: Easily set commonly used meta information
Table Wizard: Easily create complicated tables on a visual environment
Frame Wizard: Easily create multiframe pages on a visual environment
Form Wizard: Easily create web forms

   Bulk Operations   
Document/Image Previewer: Rapidly scan, view document or image files
Open multiple documents just bu dragging their icons into Blue Thermic window
Increase/decrease left indent of every line in a selection
Find and replace thru all open documents
Save All, Save and Close All, Close All w/o Save commands
Session Save: Save all documents automatically and restore on next startup

   File / Document Manipulations   
File Browser for easy access to documents
Automatically creates favorite folders list for fast access
Instantly discard or reopen documents
Remembers file open/save directories
Remembers most commonly used file types
Easily and safely associate any file type with Blue Thermic with undo support
Add "Open with Blue Thermic" command to context menu of a file type

Autorecovery: Full protection against unexpected system crashes or power losses

Tips on startup
Smart Tips: Context sensitive tips fired automatically on need
Detailed help documentation

   Install & Upgrade   
Easily upgrade to the latest version by downloading a small upgrade package
Repair option in case application files get damaged