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Divide File Splitter   v1.2 FREEWARE! 
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Divide is a command line file splitting utility which you can run under MS-DOS prompt. This program splits large files into custom number of pieces, which you can merge later to rebuild the original file. After splitting, you may easily fit the pieces to floppy disks or other media with limited capacity.  
Divide has a major advantage by running under MS-DOS: If you have to reinstall your operating system due to an unrecoverable system crash or some other reason, none of the windows programs can help you for even very simple tasks. Divide (like any other DOS program) will still run after a boot from floppy. (For your convenience, you may put Divide.exe to under your ...\Windows\Command directory and also copy it to your system boot disk for emergency uses.)  
When splitting, you may either enter a custom number which will determine the number of "small" files to generate, or, you may use the "/a" switch to automatically generate the necessary number of files with 1.38 MB size (which is the max. size a floppy disk can carry).  
Before running Divide under Windows, you should open a MS-DOS Prompt window and go to the directory where you had put Divide.  
Divide is freeware.

Warning About Usage  
Divide cannot process long file names (ie, longer than 8.3 format). You should rename the file so that its name is not longer than 8 chars. and extension not longer than 3 chars. (example: all_exam_results.html -> examres.htm)

About Install and Uninstall:  
There is no need to install Divide. This program runs just like a DOS command and does NOT create/change ANY Windows registry settings. This means, simply deleting Divide.exe is sufficient to uninstall Divide.

System Requirements: Windows 95/98/2000/NT or MS-DOS.