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File Compare   FREEWARE! 
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Screenshot, click to enlarge File Compare is a very small utility capable of making either binary or text based comparison between two set of files or folders with appearantly same contents. If you frequently face cases whenever you have two (or more) files which you do not know whether they are exactly same or they are of different versions, FC will tell you the truth. FC passes files you ask thrue a byte-to-byte binary comparison process and gives you a definite, simple info, whether they include the same code or not. If you choose to do a text comparison, FC creates a report of differing text portions between selected files.  
File Compare is freeware.  

About Install and Uninstall:  
Unzip the file you downloaded into a new directory and doubleclick the file "FComp.exe". For your convenience, create a shortcut on your desktop and/or on start menu.  
There is no special installation routine for FC. You may immediately run the application after unzipping the package you downloaded. This program does not create/change any of the Windows registry settings. So if case you wish to uninstall it, simply deleting the folder you used for running FC is sufficient to remove it from your system completely.

Usage & Help:  
The necessary information about the usage of FC is included in the readme file of the download package. Feel free to send your comments, feedbacks using feedback form.