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Blue Thermic HTML Editor   v1.6.7 UPGRADE
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The development of Blue Thermic is continueing and every new versions of Blue Thermic comes with new features, extended functionalities and bugfixes if any. It is recommended for all users to check this site frequently in order to ensure to have the most recent version. You can check your current version choosing "About Blue Thermic" command from help menu.

How to Upgrade to a New Version of Blue Thermic  
You may easily upgrade your existing version by downloading the insallation package and following the instructions on setup window.

Version History

v1.6.5Oct 22, 02Coloring fix for Win 2000 & XP, improved install, virus check, help updated
v1.6.3Oct  3, 02Bug fixes for image previewer, reminder window and failing image links
v1.6Sep 28, 02File Browser, new wizards, macros, smart tips added, toolbars enhanced
v1.5.1May 21, 02Support for java commands, improvement+bug fix for Replace-All
v1.5May 14, 02HTML Guide, scripting support added, faster tag coloring
v1.2.1Feb 19, 02Fixes
v1.2Feb 14, 02Support for HTML Tag coloring and customizable editor window
v1.1.4Feb   6, 02Fixes
v1.1Jan 16, 02"Autorecovery" security function and "Document Info" added
v1.0Dec  5, 01The first public release of Blue Thermic (with the name "EZedit")